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Our Difference

Our Difference





Transparency begins with the first phone call, and continues throughout the process with regular client updates. ZK Painting estimates provide breakdowns of our detailed painting process, ensuring that you understand each and ever step.

Zach is available by phone at all times. The Quality standard revolves around the attention to detail in our work. This includes thorough prep work and the use of powerful air machines that maintain high air quality in your home. We are confident that our quality is unparalleled.

ZK Painting’s Expertise Is apparent in every project. Our best practices combine modern equipment with old world techniques for beautiful and durable results. Zach brings his vast knowledge of fine finishes to every project, creating tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.


We define ourselves by our team, our work, and most importantly, our convictions. We adhere to self-imposed standards of excellence akin to old world values. We endeavor to ensure quality in all interactions and to produce results produce results that we are proud of. Our consultation process is easy and informative, Working with ZK painting is designed to be a stress free and positive experience. We deliver a customized proposal that is cost-effective, fair, and thorough.

What we offer is a paradigm shift in coating. Our experience at its core is a collaboration that gives you an opportunity to have quality work that you can be proud of without having to sacrifice quality.

We care about our team and our clients. Proper painting requires a finesse as well as a thorough understanding of one’s tools, resources, and the “proper procedures”.

What makes our team different is that we have a deep understanding of the coating and painting process. Through open communication, we build lasting connections with our clients.

Our Collaborators

ZK Painting’s team understands that being the best isn’t always about doing it yourself – it’s about surrounding yourself with the best and providing the client with a rich experience delivered by true professionals unafraid of the unknown.