High Gloss

As a specialty form of painting, gloss doors evoke a wow factor unlike any other and require a unique skillset to pull off. Because ZK Painting is Master Certified with Fine Paints of Europe, we are experts in turning doors into stunning pieces of art.

Each gloss door project typically takes up to three weeks to complete. We begin by removing the door entirely and replacing it with a secure but temporary door cover. The door is then taken to our state-of-the-art facility where we extensively prep and prime until it’s ready for paint. After applying the final topcoats, the paint must cure for a number of days in order to establish the perfect high gloss sheen. Once the process is complete, we quality check everything before delivering and reinstalling the beautiful new door to its original place.

…ZK Painting just finished my front and garage doors, and they are the talk of the town. I have never had more considerate craftsmen who are not only skilled but fastidious, kind, thoughtful and thorough.